• Compilations Of Sehun ;; 

    His affection towards fans ;u;

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  • How many follower do you gained daily?

    it depends actually……………..if im active on that day maybe about 40-60??? but if im dead for more than 3 days then about 20-30 hihihihehehohooaoa

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  • Yayaya your new icon is adorbs but we want hui jin's selca :(

    "hehehehihihihohoho sometimes u just gotta let  go chungu" -chibi kid sehun

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  • i luv princess hui jin <3


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  • ayyyeee malaysian homie what school do you go to eeps is this too stalker i apologise we could be schoolmates hoho stalker level x28383

    catholic high school in petaling jaya!!! omfgmofmg

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  •  Sehun has grown so much

  • ive reached more than 30 urls and there are still a bunch left unreplied ;;;

    please don’t send in anymore guys ;n; i wish to complete them all but its too time consuming and i feel really guilty for always wrapping it up like this i hope u’ll understand and thank u for playing with me i had a nice time!!!

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    Anonymous asked:
  • baekaku imperyeol

    baekaku: shadia is the princess of byuns she sends me the sweetest messages and im grateful that she decided to talked to me otherwise i wouldnt meet such an angel like her!!!

    imperyeol: the theme is really unique and nice!! and the chanyeol cursor ayyyyy ive seen this url often though!!!